Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Custom Silhouette Tutorial

Buon Giorno!
I hope you all are having a delightful day! I have had the hardest time trying to figure out what I was going to do with the space above my headboard. I wanted something that was custom and special but that went with everything else I had going on in our room. As of late, I have really been loving silhouettes. They are so cute and vintage yet there is something clean and modern about them. I decided that silhouettes were the perfect thing to compliment the rest of our room. Instead of printing off random silhouettes from the internet I decided to use my husband's and my profiles. Here is how I did it!
I found some horrible pictures that were in some gorgeous frames from Joanne's fabrics. The frames with the corny pictures were originally $59.99 each and on sale, I got them for $7.99 a piece! Yay!
Here are the picture frames before I got my hands on them. You can't really get a good idea of their size or that they are deep like a shadow box from this picture.
Since silhouettes have a vintage look to them I wanted to make it a little more contemporary with a sleeker looking frame.
The first thing we did was take pictures looking sideways against a plain wall. If you are doing this it is important to not be smiling. I know it looks dorky but it will produce a better result. I printed them the size that I needed for our frame and cut them out. 
Print yours in black and white. I forgot to push the black and white button and wasted a ton of colored ink as you can see from my picture above haha.
I then traced our silhouettes on black paper and cut it out again. Because you can't see eyelashes from a silhouette (unless yours is the length of snuffleupagus, in which case I am super jealous) you are going to have to add some lashes to your silhouette yourself while cutting it. I added the lashes to just mine. My husband didn't fancy himself with long glamorous lashes very much. To re-create the look of vintage silhouettes, I cut the bottoms with a slight curve to make them look more authentic. See picture above.
(Pardon the dust on the mirror above. I am too busy creating to worry about dusting at the moment ;)

I found an oval shaped mirror (really anything that is a larger shape that you like will do), traced it than cut the ovals out.
(As you can see from the picture above I toyed with the idea of using a silhouette of myself with a bun....)
I sprayed the back of the silhouettes with a tacky adhesive spray and mounted them on the ovals.
I than sprayed the ovals with the same spray and mounted them on fancy black paper which I cut to fit perfectly in the frames.
 All these supplies can be purchased at any arts and crafts store.
This is Penny bummed out that she doesn't have a silhouette, and yes I do talk about my dog as if she cares about this stuff. Since she was so clearly upset about this I decided to make her one too!
Since most dogs of a certain breed look alike, I found an image of a Bichon-Frise dancing (my dog can dance on her hind legs for forever...seriously she is awesome). Using teeny tiny scissors (because there is so much furry detail), I cut the image of her out and left it white to show the essence of her furry white-ness. I mounted the image on black paper with the same sticky spray.
I got this funky wooden frame from Michaels for $2 and painted it white so it would contrast the darkness of the other silhouettes.
I am so in love with these timeless art pieces. I spent less than $20 for three custom and classic pieces of art that I will cherish for many years to come. The best part is I can keep adding to the collection when we decide to have kids.
I hope this tutorial was simple enough!
Hope you have a fantastic rest of your day!

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  1. Oh what a cute idea! And thanks for a nicely detailed tutorial! So nice to have you at the party!

  2. Wow! Molly they turned out great! And they look fantastic above the bed!


  3. OMG I really love this


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