Saturday, March 16, 2013

While The Hubs is Away, The Stache' Comes Out to Play!

When my husband said he was going to The States for a few weeks, I thought..."yeah, I get to eat crappy food and not shave for March Mustache Madness Month!" A bachelor's life indeed...Well, as it turns out it, it wasn't that great... I have really not been up to much but recuperating from months of debilitating migraines, catching up on work, and working on some spring decor! Oh yes, and eating jalapeno popper grilled cheese dipped in Donner Kebab sauce.
Matty will be happy to know that the stache' will be gone by the time I get him from the airport tomorrow... The black stache' didn't go with my blonde coif, and the hubs says he prefers me without it...
Hanging with the my homies was awesome, but nothing beats being with my incredible Matty Poo.

I can't wait to share the things I have been working on with you all (it actually isn't that much)!



  1. You are so adorable! Sorry to hear about your migraine's. Hope they go away for good.

    1. Thank you Lisa! My migraines are finally gone! I've found a cure! hope you are well!

  2. I'm sorry you've been suffering from migraines. I have never been plagued by those but have family and friends who have been and I know it is definitely no picnic. Hopefully, science and medicine will find a way to make them a thing of the past before long. Best wishes!

  3. Cant believe I missed this post, you are too funny! Love the gorgeous pictures of all of you ;). Hope you are feeling better, I know how debilitating a migraine can be.


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