Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thrifty Finds and New Vignettes

Greetings! How are you all doing!? I have been crazy busy getting things in order for our big move. It's been a whole year of the military changing our move dates, canceling our move, calling it back on etc. Hopefully today we will get word of our exact moving dates....again. Instead of being flustered, I am so loving that I am in CA enjoying this 78 degree weather, having a blast in our new little mini cooper convertible and getting more quality time with friends and family! It beats the crazy snow storms Europe is having!
I recently stumbled on this new little thrift shop in town where all the proceeds go to building a memorial  for all the CA veterans lost in Vietnam. It was fun shopping for treasures that went to a cause that is special to my husband and me. Here are some of the things we got and also the new little vignettes we created with our new treasures!
I have been searching and searching for unique salt and pepper shakers and haven't been able to find any ones that look sophisticated...they all end up looking too cutsie or like they are from a bad 50's diner. I found these gorgeous silver quail salt, pepper and sugar shakers for $4!!!!! I love, love, love them!! Did I mention that I love them? Especially because they are the CA state bird and will be a nice little reminder of home when we are on the other side of the world.
I decided to use the sugar shaker in a vignette because it is so unique looking! I also got this winner's cup (I am obsessed with winner's cups) and filled it with some moss to add some freshness to this corner of the room!

Old books are sooooooo expensive lately! I found these three hardbacks for only $2 each! I love the gorgeous, bright and cheery colors and am using the pages for an upcoming project. Old books are a great way to bring in color, character and to create height below an object.
These rad transitional silver tree book ends were $3 and fit into my love of things that are both natural and glamorous!
This silver coral wasn't from the thrift shop, it was from Homegoods but I love it so much I had to show you :) I paired it with some of the old books I got, a starfish, and a vintage blue canning jar I got from the thrift shop. These jars cost about $12 on and I scored a collection of these for a few bucks!
Check out this awesome vintage milk glass cup. I already had a flower arrangement so I decided to make a shell arrangement. I love beachy things right now since it has been so summery outside.
I found this awesome sign for $2! I looked up the meaning ( this could totally be wrong) and it means workshop for an artist or designer in French...PERFECT!! I believe it was there just for me to stumble on! This will be going in my office.
What fabulous things have you scored lately??
Stay Tuned! Book Page Prints Tutorial coming next!

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  1. Such beautiful vignettes! I am in love with your book ends they are so cool! Do you mind telling me the name of the thrift store you went to? I want to tell my mom and sister to check it out. Glad to hear your transfer to Germany is back on. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on. :)

    1. Hey there! Thank you so very much! As of right now it's a temp. store and doesn't have a name. It is in downtown Vacaville and is right next to a salon named tsaris. I will drive by tomorrow and see if I can't get some more info for you! Have a blessed day Lisa!

  2. Molly, where is this thrift shop and where did you find your winner's cups? I LOVE them!!!!

  3. You are so original and exceptionally creative....Luv everything you've done.... The Bombdiggity!!!!!!


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