The Poor Sophisticate is not about a budget... It is a philosophy, a way of life. 
It's about living beautifully and enjoying this moment…right now.  
It is seeking and appreciating the beauty and humor in subtle things.
It is about the journey, and exploring the unknown...taking what you have and making the absolute best of it.
It's a place in your mind where life becomes art...your muse. 
Where the details mean as much as the full picture... 
Where life is delectable...
Where every alley and canal is an opportunity and a treasure, waiting to be discovered...
Precious memories and comforting environments come from embracing the new, while cherishing, appreciating, and learning from the old.

The "Poor Sophisticate Style" is a collection of memories, moments, and treasures that have been acquired along YOUR journey. It is the scratches on a dining table, the clock that chimed every hour during the dark days of World War I, a sentimental piece passed down from your grandmother or your child's art that make a space and a moment memorable. 

Come, Let's Explore...
Welcome The Poor Sophisticate 2.0

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