Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Whimsical Baby Shower

My best friend just had a big baby shower the other day and all of us girls and her incredibly talented mother pulled some fun ideas together that I thought I would share. Some of these ideas would work great for any kind of party.

We (Kimberly Lais, Amanda Romero, Ricky Lais, Isabelle Johnson, Nicole Johnson, I) all worked together to make paper party pom poms. I attached them to the kitchen light fixture. We added some delicate butterflies and it created a whimsical and colorful glowing centerpiece.  It's incredibly inexpensive and makes a statement. You could do a lot with this idea!
 Below is the light fixture in the process of getting covered with the pom poms. If you do this, make sure your light fixture is using low energy light bulbs so that the paper doesn't catch fire.

Here is a tutorial on how to make these adorable paper poms. They also look fantastic hanging from different heights from the ceiling by fishing line.

The mother-to-be's mom, Isabelle, and I hung vintage baby clothes that were in the family on a clothesline with vintage clothes pins.  We also put the mother-to-be's baby shoes on a pedestal to showcase them.

Here is a cute snack idea! The popcorn bags were made by Isabelle Johnson. And they are placed in my chalkboard ice bucket.
There was a lavish and very delicious sweet feast.

We added Easter colored twinkle lights wrapped with tulle to add sparkle and softness.

Below are some adorable desserts that fit the theme of the event.
Desert cakepops by Isabelle Johnson.
Here is a fantastic site that has a ton of cakepop recipes.

The Mother-to-be's aunt, Janet Dodge, made these cute rubber ducky cookies.
A fantastic addition to any event is this fruit salsa I made. It works great as an appetizer or desert and is served with cinnamon pita chips.
Here is the recipe for the fruit salsa. It can be altered to have any kind of fruit in it. I also like to add a dash of cinnamon and I garnish it with a sprig of mint.

Below is the burlap print and frame I made for my dear friend.
Even the chairs in the backyard fit into the theme of the party!

Below is a fantastic centerpiece and gift idea. This is a diaper cake made by Isabelle Johnson.
Here is a great site that can teach you to make this along with baby clothes bouquets.

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Quick, cheap and EASY table makeover

I was flipping through my Country Living Magazine and stumbled across this and thought I would share this with you all! I absolutely love love love this!!! I am going to get one of these!!! It would be fantastic for events or just for all the time. It is a fabulous stain-resistant slipcover that has turned an awful cafeteria-style table, into eye candy. "It is a trompe l'oeil take on a fine Chippendale antique."
It is only $68 from the online shop Under Stella's Umbrella.
Below is the crappy table it covered from Walmart.
I would love to hear if anyone gives this a shot!!

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Antlers on the wall.... Molly B. Style

The Glamorous Antlers....

I am in the process of trying to make my very dated apartment not look like a very dated apartment.  The catch is, I am not able to paint except for my one focal wall or redo cabinets/ light fixtures etc.
I was playing around with my bathroom this evening and decided I was going to put my shimmering antlers to good use and create a jewelry and perfume rack out of them.  My mom had painted these years ago and didn't end up using them so, I became the lucky owner of these gorgeous antlers. Not only are they very unique but I also love that they frame peoples heads when they look in the mirror...its actually quite comical. They definitely suit my husband and I since, he is from the country, and I the city.
I challenge you to do something a little weird, quirky and unexpected in your home, it will make you smile :)
I will post more pics of the bathroom as I make progress.  

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Celebrate your family treasures!

Charm is in the DETAILS!!
Here are a few pics of one of the homes that I have been working on. I had my client pull out all of her silver, banged up family treasures and old books to add charm, character and history to her space. Showcase all your family treasures, and you will have a one of a kind home.
Below is a cabinet I got for my client's kitchen that is not only beautiful but very functional. In it is an old woman's home handbook, banged up salt and pepper shakers, an antique ice cream scoop, and a silver cup makes the perfect vase. We picked hydrangeas for free from her yard to add some organic form.

She happened to be hosting a baby shower this evening, so, we used the kitchen table as a gift table. I framed a baby silhouette that I printed offline from the graphics fairy, and did a couple different sized vases to add a vintage touch. Also I added a hint of subtle animal print to spice it up.
By grouping your items in groups of odd numbers and staggering the heights it will create movement and will look finished. Group little items together so that the group becomes a whole, and so your things don't look like cluttered chaos.

Mix up your mantle. Build up to your focal piece to make the eye move around the arrangement.
If you have a lot of family photos or items, keep it from getting cluttered by having the frames and colors simple and all similar. You want to create unity.
To add fantastic color and height to an item, stack funky old books under it.
Add a hint of metallic or shimmer to jazz it up. If you like things to look natural and not glitzy add natural glitz like sea glass or mother of pearl like the binoculars below.
Now get out all your goodies and showcase what you already have!
More pictures to come soon!

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Wine Barrel Table

"Come quickly! I am tasting stars!" -Don Perignon (1638-1714) at his first sip of champagne.
(I know this is about wine barrels not champagne, but I just love that quote.)

I am so sorry I have been out of commission for a while. I was in the process of a huge move, had family in from out of the country, and then, broke my computer. I am finally getting situated and am madly getting my apartment ready for my husband to come back from a deployment. The apartment is old, and the kitchen is pretty dated, however, I am having a grand ol' time making it mine. 
Now,  I am going to discuss this incredible wine barrel that I found today. I was visiting my best friend in Napa and got a fabulous large wine barrel for a great price! I decided I could use it as an extra surface next to my wine bar for appetizers when I entertain or, to hold wine bottles. Wine barrels are fantastic as a bistro table, or two put together with a board to make a bar. When they are cut in half they make wonderful coffee and side tables, just put a piece of glass on top and voila! You've got a unique looking piece. They also make beautiful  ice buckets and planters for flowers or herbs.  But beware, if you fill them with ice or dirt they can leak. That would be for outdoor use only.  I know you all have seen the wine bar a few times before, but I thought the barrel looked nice next to it!

I love the stamped label and numbers on the barrel.

The red wine stains give it so much character, and I love the giant nail heads.
I switched things around a bit below because I'm crazy like that....

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