Monday, November 26, 2012

Pumpkin Spice Latte Recipe

I have been meaning to share my pumpkin spice latte with ya'll for a while now but have been crazy busy exploring the world! More on that later. For now I am going to enjoy a pumpkin latte! Pumpkin lattes are brilliant tasting through both the fall and winter seasons, so, I will still share! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
-4 Tbs of pumpkin puree
-8 dashes of pumpkin pie spice
-4 Tbs of vanilla

-2 tsp of cinnamon

-4 cinnamon sticks
-2 cups of strongly brewed coffee
-3 cups of milk 

-4-5 Tbs of sugar
-The tiniest pinch of salt
-Whipping cream 
-Disaronno and Butterschnapps-optional
(Adjust amounts to satisfy your taste-buds)
*Makes around 6 cups

Pour all of the ingredients (except the whipped cream) into a pot and cook until hot, making sure not to scald the milk and pumpkin. Stir continuously. 

Once your coffee is finished garnish your pumpkin spice latte with whipped cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a cinnamon stir stick. For a little extra kick, add some Disaronno and Butterschnapps.....Mmmmm. This pairs nicely with some crumb or coffee cake!

Buon Apetito!

Sipping coffee to Jim Brickman Holiday radio on Pandora... it's so soothing..


  1. Girlfriend. I'd make you my new best friend but how creepy would that be?!? I'm convinced that you must be a total genius! I'm adding all this to my grocery list and going shopping TODAY! Mmmmm! Wait. . . I think I'll just have my snazzy husband stop at the commissary instead. Good plan.

    1. Awwww! That is so sweet not creepy at all! I am so excited you are going to try this! How did it turn out??

  2. Sure did make this this weekend and it was a HUGE hit! I may make some more and paper every wall in my house! ;)

    1. yay! I am so glad you enjoyed it! Did you do yours with or with at the extra kick? I am so excited someone tried it!

  3. Extra kick girl! And plenty of it. We also tried it with Kahlua and it was very good! I'll definitely be making it again!

    1. Hahahaha you crack me up! Wonderful! Can't wait to see the picture! I am going to start my other wall soon! xo

  4. Also, that anonymous comment earlier was mine. I just figured out how to sign in with my google account. ;)

  5. DELICIOUS! Hope it's okay that I link a post I'm working on to this post! :)

  6. are the 4 cinnamon sticks just for garnish ?


Thanks for the lovely comments! Each and everyone means so much to me! xo

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