Monday, August 5, 2013

Die (The) Bezaubernden Burg Eltz

If you read my Facebook page, you know that I finally made it home to CA for a much needed visit with my family and friends... It had been almost a year and a half since I was last out here! Anyhoo, now that I have spent a great deal of time catching up with friends and family, I now have a moment to blog about our fabulous trip to the magically, enchanting Burg Eltz.
This last April, one of my girlfriends flew from Rome to visit us in Germany, and wow,  it was ridiculously fun. I am pretty sure I got a six pack from laughing so hard... I did cover it up with nice layer of chub from the amount of Nutella crepes and wine that I consumed. Anyhow, we drove about 45 minutes to visit one of my absolute favorite castles, Burg Eltz.
This castle is much different than the other daunting and intimidating castles perched on steep hills. This castle is still beautifully intact and had a pretty happy and peaceful history. In fact, this was one of the ONLY ones that wasn't demolished by the French as they went along the river destroying every castle they could get their buttery, puff-pastry hands on.   Mmmmmm....French pastries.... Burg Eltz remained safe because the French were never able to see it. It is hidden deep in a little valley, surrounded by lush hills, tucked away for safe keeping. The original family still owns the castle and they even live there part of the year. As we descended on this gloriously sweet castle, the combination of the bridge, river, trees, and birds chirping reminded me of the "Beauty and the Beast" Castle, but just with a little less glitter and fur.
Here is what the castle actually looks like...

And this is what it looked and "felt" like to me...
Cue the Disney music.

Source: Disney

The picture below is within the walls of the castle.

The nobles from three branches of the Eltz family shared this fortification and would have peaceful family meetings in the family's Grand Gallery Room. They agreed that anything could be said there, but nothing could ever leave that room...much like Vegas.  The home was complete with 20 flushing (rain water) toilets and tons of fireplaces. Beautiful (500 year old) floral paintings brighten up the walls of the master bedroom. A lovely little chapel protrudes out of the room in a bay window since it was disrespectful to live above the house of the Lord. The stained glass and paintings in the chapel are also 500 years old. I wasn't supposed to take pictures of the inside but was disobedient, as usual, and got a shot of this to show you!
Aren't these paintings incredible, vibrant and inspiring!?? After going through my first long, German winter, I understand why they painted the walls in such bright and cheery colors and patterns!
Below are some pictures of the castle's precious jewels, keys, and some other strangely beautiful gold trinkets.

 Burg Eltz has a quaint, little cafe where you can get some hearty soup and a nice mug of beer or mulled wine.

The Mosel and Rhine River are adorned with castle ruins, mountainous vineyards, charming villages and quaint bed and breakfasts. I highly recommend making a stop in a few of them and soaking up the charm and beauty that surrounds you!
I hope you enjoyed this little tour of the fabulous Burg Eltz! Our next stop will be Strasbourg, France! 
While in France, I will be sure not to point out the castle that they missed.
Chat with ya soon! Toodles!

For more information on hours and ticket prices, click here.


  1. I'm so glad you got to go home for a visit!!! Yes..those are much needed when you're millions of miles away!! That castle is amazing!! Looks so beautiful!!! How sweet that you had friends come visit you!

    1. Thank you so much Kristen! I really have been enjoying every second! I do love this castle, it sure was a special day! Have a blessed day sweet girl!

  2. What a beautiful castle! Haven't heard of this one. I went to Strasbourg a couple of weeks ago and I love that town.

    -Brittany Ruth

    1. Thank you Brittany! It is an awesome castle, I highly recommend it! What did you think of Strasbourg??

  3. Thanks for showing us this castle. I enjoy when you share your photos from your trips, I get to see different parts of the world that I probably will never see. Don't feel sorry though, our son lives in hong kong and we are visiting him at Christmas with a side trip to Thailand.

    1. Oh I am so glad you enjoyed the little tour! Asia sounds amazing! I am dying to go there one day! Thailand is on the top of my list! Have a beautiful day!


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