Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Enchanting European Christmas Markets Part 1

(Strasbourg, France)

I was intending on writing this post a few days ago, but this week  I have traded my perfume in for Vicks and our spiced wine for Nyquil... Better late than never, right??? If you follow me on Instagram, you know we have been busy visiting as many Christmas markets as we can, and some of these pictures may be familiar! For the rest of you, come along and tour some markets! You need to take a break from all the baking and wrapping you have been doing anyhow!

There is nothing that invigorates my holiday spirit more than the scent of hot spiced glühwein floating through the crisp December air, chestnuts roasting on an open fire (literally), and booths adorned and dripping with festive ornamentation, nestled amongst ancient structures and towns. You can hear street music of French accordion, jazzy bass, and clarinets echoing through village alleys. This dazzling music adds to the ambiance of these magical markets. Christmas in Europe in incomparable to anything I have EVER experienced and is hands down, my favorite time of year to be here (in Germany that is). Christmas markets have been a European tradition since the middle ages and each one has its own spirit and flavor unique to its city or village. The food here is nothing short of gourmet. You can get fresh crepes with creamy Nutella or homemade jams and cordial, beautiful cheeses, grilled meats, honey, and  many more foods from all over the world. Each vendor has made homemade gifts and crafts that are for purchase and are also completely unique to the goods found at American street fairs or farmer's markets. This is the stuff Fairytales are made of. 
(Strasbourg, France)

 If you are traveling through Europe or reside here, many of the larger markets go through the end of December, so you still have time to savor these markets. This will most definitely be part one of a several part "Market" series. This post contains pictures from several different markets, and I will have another post that covers more! Also, please note these pictures were taken on my phone because it is hard to scarf down crepes sip wine and take quality pictures. 
Strasbourg was completely enchanting and I can't wait to go back this weekend to see the market in full swing. When I was there with my incredibly talented friend from CA, Jessica (above), they were hanging chandeliers in the streets and draping lights around the store fronts!  It was so inspiring viewing this city with another designer. It was incredible talking architecture, displays, and design with her. This girl is incredible! She has blessed and inspired me more than she will ever know. Also, she is a display coordinator for Anthropologie...HOW COOL IS THAT!??

I took a few pictures of how the city looked when we went, but can't wait to get some more now that the Strasbourg is completely decked out! Strasbourg has the oldest Christmas Market in Europe and is a MUST. Forget the Paris one and go here.
Can you believe this is only partially finished Christmas decor???
(Strasbourg, France)

Love the little flying pigs below...
(Strasbourg, France)

(Strasbourg, France)

To read more on Strasbourg, click here!
Isn't this one of the most majestically, beautiful creatures you have ever laid eyes on? Jessica and I came across this French cow and a beautiful, scarlet-red fox when we got lost in the French countryside. 
(French Countryside)

Off we go to the Trier Christmas market! To read more about this ancient city with Roman ruins click here!
(Trier, Germany)

To see more pictures of the Trier Christmas Market, Click here!

Just as I was moving on to talk about Esslingen and Colmar, my computer decided to act up and not let me edit my photos! I reckon that is my cue to get off the computer and start cooking! So, stay tuned for part two, Colmar, Esslingen and Paris! 

Merry Christmas Eve, everyone!


  1. What an exciting time of year to live in Europe. Your wonderful post brought back so many memories of my few years of living in Germany. Savor EVERY day there! Merry Christmas to you and your handsome hubby.
    Sue P.

  2. Molly I am SO glad you are posting this!!! I loved your recommendation to go to the Esslingen Christmas market and we had so much fun. We loved Strasbourg, too, in '08 and Colmar was like a fairy tale. Can't wait to see more of your photos. I sent you a longer note thru Etsy so please check it out. Thanks for these posts and Happy New Year too!

  3. Oh my goodness, Molly. How blessed you are to be able to experience such wonderful places. My bucket list includes at least one trip to Europe and visiting some of the Christmas markets would be fabulous. Thanks for sharing your visits! Those macaroons look so good! Have a fabulous New Year in 2014!

  4. I am so captivated, I've always wanted to see Europe. What incredible experiences you and your hubs have been able to have, I would imagine.
    My Grandmother was from Switzerland, came to US when she was 2. I have a picture of house she lived in, how I would love to travel there to see her country and see Germany. My Grandmother spoke German, I still remember some of the words and expressions she used. I worked with a lady that was from Germany, lived there during World War II. She never knew her Father because he was part Jewish he was in concentration camp. Her Mother had to hide her after she was born so they wouldn't take her also. She said the American soldiers helped to keep her and her Mother alive with food gifts. Wish I could remember what part of Germany she lived in. I've always been so fascinated with things about WWII since I was born in 1940. I have ancestors from England also, one was some kind of part of Parliament.
    You are so smart to see as much as you can while you're there. I envy you so much. Loved photos of your home. I must subscribe so I can continue to see all the photos and hear about your life in Germany. Enjoy it as much as you can. Happy weekend


Thanks for the lovely comments! Each and everyone means so much to me! xo

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