Wednesday, April 2, 2014

{DIY} No Sew, Grain Sack Pillow Case

I don't know about you all, but I love a fantastic, frugal and stupid-easy DIY every now and then (or always). I am sure you have seen a zillion faux burlap sack pillowcases on expensive design and furniture sites and they aren't even the real deal! For the same price or less, you can get yourself an authentic vintage sack and make your own pillow that will have an awesome story behind it! Also, an authentic sack is classic and won't go out of style. 
My sweetie and I scored these two gorgeous sacks in France a few weeks ago and they are from the late 1920's. The coolest part is they have our monograms (we have the same monogram) on them! They have a different graphic on the front and back. What's even better is it will remind us of our flea market date day in the French countryside. It's a more pleasant reminder of our day than the pounds I have gained from stuffing my face with French pastries....

How perfect is this anchor for summer decor??

If you aren't the flea marketing type, click here to see a bunch of vintage sacks that you can order online from the comfort of your home. 
Because our 87 year old sacks were filled with dust from sitting around the past century, I washed them with a mild detergent on delicate and dried them out in the sunshine. It took the dust right out. They washed up beautifully! If your sack has any holes or tears, you may want to hand wash them. Authentic sacks are made for heavy wear and tear and are pretty darn durable. Most will hold "bed" pillows perfectly and will make a fantastic lumbar pillow. I didn't bother to even stitch the end of mine up because it stays closed and I like the option of cleaning the "pillowcase" or using the sack it for other purposes. 
 Do you enjoy decorating with old grain sacks as much as I do? They look relaxed and breezy and are perfect for summer (or any season really). It's the perfect way to add a "kiss" of industrial style to your home. 


  1. Those are two great sacks! Love the graphic lettering and the anchor is so cool!

    1. I was so stoked to see real vintage sacks with our initials and an anchor! never seen an anchor one before!!!
      Thank you so much! You are so sweet and always make my day!!

  2. beautiful!!!! Molly please do tell me your next post will be Fort Lewis, WA ?????? LOL....I am waiting......Christine from Little Brags (btw, did you see my first little Gallery Wall I created? I was trying to go for a look you would do, by using something old and shabby mixed with some gold frames, etc)? Here is the link....

    1. Oh I think we may be getting CA next!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words and I just love your new gallery wall! It is so perfect! You are a bright woman with great taste and a real eye! Thank you so much for stopping by and showing some love! Have a blessed day! xo

  3. Your pillows are wonderful! How special that they have both your initials on them and, even more special, that you have the added memories of France to think about when you look at them!

  4. These are SO beautiful!
    I definitely have to find some grain sacks. (You seem to be on the better flea markets here in Germany… :/)

    Love, Midsommarflicka

  5. It's meant to be that I just discovered your blog today (I saw you on So Much Better With Age). This morning I happened to be rummaging through an old chest full of flea market finds I was saving until inspiration struck, and pulled out a perfect old coffee sack I had completely forgotten about! After reading your post, I think a pillow case is exactly what I'm going use it for. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thanks for the lovely comments! Each and everyone means so much to me! xo

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