Monday, October 10, 2011

Tis A Dazzling Falliday Season

Happy Falliday Season everyone!! Autumn is my favorite time of year. The air smells delicious, the days become more crisp and I just love the excitement and magic in the air as the holidays are approaching. My mom came over this weekend for some girl time and we had a blast cooking and fixing up furniture. We also jazzed up my place for autumn. I love all of the colors of fall, but wanted to try something a little more glamorous and less rustic this year. Autumn feels magical to me and I wanted my decor to embody a little bit of that. I was inspired by the sparkling pumpkin carriage in Cinderella. I decided to go in that direction. I still wanted everything to feel festive, but didn't want a lot of orange and red or fake fall leaves from the store, I wanted to try a shimmery, glitzy take on fall. This look is more subtle and sparkles in the candle light, and is a nice segue into the Christmas season. 

My amazing mom and I removed the more rustic pieces from my bar area and added lots of silver, crystal and glass. We painted pumpkins a subtle shade of silver and gold and placed them in a patch of vibrant moss instead of hay. We filled a large vase with rocks than layered it with apples that are painted with the same metallic paint. The arrangement was topped off with large branches of Manzanita. These branches will stay looking like this for a long time and the colors are very muted.
 Above, I placed one of my driftwood candle holders on the coffee table than staggered metallic pumpkins on candle holders that are dripping with bright green moss. It has a very magical woodland feel. Don't feel you always have to do red orange and yellow for fall colors. Do what looks best with the things you already have. You could even paint your pumpkins blue, pink, grey, yellow, whatever you'd like!

On my mantle we stacked vintage books, branches and metallic pumpkins and apples to represent harvest. There are candles in odd numbers that are all different, but mimic each other.
No matter what the holiday may be, have fun, break out of your routine, and think of different ways to add some unique festive touches to your decor.
Hope you are enjoying the Falliday Season!!

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  1. Hi Molly!

    You did a wonderful job on your mantle!!! Absolutely gorgeous & perfect!!! :) Take care and have a lovely new week!


  2. Hey there! You are so sweet, thank you for your kind comment! We sure had fun putting this together :) Hope you are having a fabulous Monday in your cozy cottage in the city!!


Thanks for the lovely comments! Each and everyone means so much to me! xo

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