Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Quick Impromptu Birthday Brunch For my Dear Friend

This was a quick entertaining throw together. I had two hours to go to the store, stop by my grandparents, clean the house and set this all up...needless to say I needed a little something extra in my lemonade when I was done ;)

Simply lighting lots of candles, adding a touch of lavender to the lemonade, and embellishing the glasses with a sugar rim and fruit can add a quick special touch and it only takes moments. I didn't have time to do any major setting up so I just grabbed random dishes, wooden spoons, and boards and over all it gave it a colorful mismatched look. I wanted fresh flowers but am on a very tight budget. Since none of my flowers have bloomed yet, I grabbed one of those $8.00 bouquets from the local grocery store and broke it up into a bunch of tiny arrangements. It's inexpensive and everyone loves fresh flowers, they add such a burst of color and life to a room, especially at a girly brunch. The food was yummy; meats and cheeses, fresh pastries, toast, homemade jam, and beautiful spotted brown boiled eggs. Its simple, scrumptious, easy to get from a local bakery/supermarket and oh, so, European. Throw on some French and Brazilian jazz and shazaam it's done! Time to sip and eat!    Bon Appetit!

Note: Even if you have serving sets that don't match keep everything neutral so you can switch the colors up using food and flowers for every occasion.

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