Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Perfect Housewarming/ Hostess Gift..

I found this French carafe and glass in basket set for only $19.99 at Cost Plus World Market and found ones just like it in an expensive store in Napa for over $100. Granted the expensive one is antique, but heck..who can tell the difference? I filled it with homemade strawberry lavender lemonade. To make it, I just allowed strawberries to sit in the lemonade for a few hours to naturally flavor it, add some organic lavender sugar or lavender made for cooking, and squeeze some lime in there for a pop of tartness. Add some sugar to the rim (I didn't do that this time, but wish I had). I tied it with a festive bow, added a flower, than made a little sign with a post-it note and toothpick and stuck it in the lemon. It's super cute, easy and extremely delicious. Cheers!

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