Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meet My Mantle-O

For me, there is nothing more dramatic than an over-the-top mantle or fireplace in a dining room. It reminds me of the how things used to be in days gone by. It is so romantic to have an abundance of candlelight flickering while you eat dinner and enjoy a glass of wine or three with friends. When I rented out the old barn, I knew I needed a mantle in the dining space. This room called for a mantle. We also wanted to have a piece that we could bring home to The States when we are forced to leave this gorgeous land of Duetches. The best thing about a mantle is you can bring it everywhere you go and you have the "feel" of having an elaborate fireplace in any room we choose and in whatever home or homes we live in next. Being with the military we need things that are portable but also help make our rental feel like a home. 
I teased you all with this little snippet of our mantle below, and then left you hanging for two months while life stepped in and got in the way of things... Oh, silly life. 

Here is a reminder of what our space looked like prior to having our dream mantle. We have since moved our dresser to our striped hall and have done a fun, new arrangement with that!

Don't you think the wall on the left is crying in pain for a dramatic mantle??!!! WAAAAA!
I will show you a full room shot with the mantle in it once I change a few more details that I have in store for this space.

Meet my Mantle...Mr Barry Mantle-o (let's see how many people get that reference). 

Because our bleached-out and scuffed up wooden mantle was a similar color to our cream wall, and I am too lazy to paint that massive wall for our last (less than a) year here, we painted the small wall behind it charcoal grey to make the woodwork pop! It reminds me of the bleached-out wood from Restoration Hardware. This FABULOUS mantle originally came from European Country Living (for those of you in The States, there is one in VA) and they originally scored this piece from England. I am pretty darn in love and have been wanting one like this for years.
Mantles can be filled with anything...candles (obviously), flowers, stacked books, lanterns, and the list goes on. I encourage everyone to get one for their home. It is perfect for seasonal decorating, too. I am looking forward to doing it up for the holidays.

Here is a phone shot of my dining room from a little breakfast I put on!

If you are on a budget, check out how we made the mantle in our living room (below) for absolutely free! Click here to check out the tutorial! By the way, do like our smiling luggage? 
Are you as gushy over mantles as I am??? Alright, folks, I am off to watch some stupid, mindless TV and zone out for a bit...

Friday, March 7, 2014

DIY Instant Watercolor {No Brushes Needed}

You may have already heard of Waterlouge from all over the great blogesphere or seen watercolored photos of your friends pop up in your Instagram feeds. For those of you who haven't, I am super stoked to show you how to get instant, custom, watercolored versions of your photos with no paint or brushes needed. 
There is absolutely no substitution for a real watercolor or for the personal energy or "touch" that goes into a custom piece of art, but this new app comes pretty dang close. It is for those of us who want custom pieces of art from a picture we took, but aren't on the budget to hire someone. Fortunately, there is an incredible app called Waterlouge that you can purchase for your phone for $2.99 that allows you to create completely custom "watercolored" versions of your photos. I have literally spent the past 6 hours converting pictures from our travels to watercolor and I can't get enough of this crazy app. I have included before and afters of many of the paintings, but not all of them since there would simply be way to many pictures for this one post. The amount of "watercolors" I "painted" is absolutely ridiculous... brace yourselves...

 The few pictures below are pictures I took of a textile... These would be gorgeous blown up on canvas and paired together in a collage!
And here are some other textiles... I love how the watercolored version came out!





 Here are some gorgeous flowers I spotted at the market and snapped a few pictures of... 
After: (now, stunning art!)


What do you think?? Have you started downloading it yet? I would love to see what incredible, custom  pieces of art you come up with! Tchüss!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

City Farmhouse LOVE

You all are in for a major treat today...One of my absolute favorite bloggers, who, by the way, lives in a spectacular home on the water, is taking us on a tour of her home! Jen, from City Farmhouse, is not only amazingly sweet but she is also crazy-talented and has a bazillion of fabulous design ideas, recipes, and DIY's! Come along for the tour and meet one of my favorite blogging friends!
Hi friends of the sweet  and talented Molly!
I am so thrilled to be here!
My name is Jen and write a DIY and decorating blog called, City Farmhouse. My blog is about the journey to decorate my home with meaning and love, on a VERY small budget.  I make, I sew, I paint and find bargains, you name it, I do it, (or at least I try:).
I always dreamed of having a beautiful home, layered in moments and details that were reflective of my family. When we found our DREAM home 3 years ago, my husband amd I were in awe.  It was nestled down a long tree lined street, just steps from the bay.  We had saved for years for this home and knew it was right from the moment we stepped in.  I have taken my time decorating this home and I am still working on projects, but that is half the fun, isn't it?
I am amazed and; inspired everyday by the friends I have met through this blogging journey {Molly being one of them!} and what I have learned.
Welcome to our Family Room...

See this console...it was $10 at a local thrift store.

This coffee table was an IKEA hack amd so much fun to make,
you can find it HERE.

This is my nook, dining room and; kitchen....

City Farmhouse Holiday Kitchen 2013 Details

I fell head over heals for this front porch and we have enjoyed lots of time out here as a family.

Fall POrch City Farmhouse Bay Wreath & Petite Rosemary Wreath Garland

Speaking of still having many projects, this is one of them.  My master bathroom.
White Subway Tile & Classic Small Windows, Wall Color Olympic- Sprig of Ivy City Farmhouse

And my master bedroom, which is underway.  Yay!
City Farmhouse Campaign -Cost Plus & getting teh look for less

This is our view.
I feel so blessed to wake up to this every day.
Master Bedroom Office Overlooking Bay City Farmhouse

I also share recipes, you can find them HERE....

DIY Spiced Dark Hot Chocolate-easy, delcious & healthy recipe

and lots of DIY projects and tutorials HERE.
PB Inspired Trio Of Beach Signs Tutorial

City Farmhouse-DIY Thrifty & Pretty Driftwood Mirror-perfect summer project
Thank you for letting me share my story and home :).
Have a wonderful week,
Be sure to head on over to Jen's beautiful blog, City Farmhouse and be inspired by her gorgeous home! 

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