Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rothenburg and the German Wine Country

Guten Tag,  fine friends.... I have been working madly on our new (old barn) home (that's right, we are moving again) and have hardly had a chance to blog until now. I am so thrilled to share some pictures from my our recent trip to Rothenburg (pronounced Rotenburg). By the way, we missed bumping into Rick Steves by one day!
This picturesque and incredibly old Bavarian village is exactly how I imagined Germany would be before we moved here. It's quaint, colorful and charmingly crooked and looks like just like you stepped into a child's storybook. This popular little village was founded in 1195 and got it's name Rot (red) and burg (castle) from the reddish color of the bricks. I invite you to tour this adorable little village with me...
All of the windows were overflowing with incredible bursts of colorful flowers.
The picture above reminds me so much of Napa Valley, I felt right at home. 

Rothenburg is famous for making the Shneeballen (snowballs) below. This delectable pastry made of shortcrust pastry has been created by the people of Rothenburg for at least several hundred years. It is a must-try if you are ever visiting here. 

 I would have loved to have enjoyed a glass of wine at this sunny bistro....
 One of my favorite things about Rothenburg is the plethora of unique iron signage.

 This would look so perfect parked next to our red mini cooper...I think I need one (my husband is shaking his head no).

My absolute favorite part of the trip was bumping into some of my incredible readers... I mean, what are the odds?? I live quite a distance from Rothenburg, we were supposed to be in Metz that day, were off the beaten path, our new friends are from the mid-west and were only visiting Germany for 10 days and we have never met or spoken before! They were the nicest family and I sure hope we can keep in touch!
McKenzie, second from the right writes the blog birdfriend, check her out!
You can tell I am super stoked by the squinti-ness of my eyes. 

The next day my gorgeous friend Jackie and I enjoyed some wine tasting in the German wine country.
 We dined at a spectacular winery that looked straight off of a movie set and the portions of the tastings were the size of an American glass of wine. The servers couldn't have been more kind and welcoming and the food was de-lish! It was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. 
I hoped you enjoyed seeing our recent excursions! Off to work on the new place!

Until next time,

Saturday, August 25, 2012

What?! You're Moving Again!?

Hey there friends! I have been missing a few weeks because I have been exploring beautiful Germany and France. Besides traveling and working on opening my online vintage boutique,  I have some other big news....I am officially insane (but you already knew that)... After finishing our last rental, we randomly decided to move into a 130 year old refurbished barn a minute away from the largest castle ruin in Germany! We love our home but this suits our needs so much more. Because our landlord owns both my home and the barn, it is easy for us to move right on over to this one.  Among a zillion other things this new (old) home will have a design studio and workshop attached to the house, it has a huge covered patio that my pup can run crazy in, and I don't have to go to the basement to do laundry! Needs a bit of elbow grease but we are thrilled to make it ours! Pictures coming soon!
I have so many exciting things to blog about as soon as I can slow down from this whirl-wind of crazy! Talk to you all soon!!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Recycled Hall Reveal!

Hello fabulous friends of mine! I am so elated to share the reveal of my recycled (completely re-purposed) hall today! I had an absolute blast challenging myself to use pieces I already had to create an eclectic, bold, and elegant hallway. Do you remember what our hall looked like before?
And here it is after!

To see how I created our custom artwork and colorful chandelier, click here.
To get a tutorial on our custom painted rug, click here.
To see how we used an old book to wallpaper the back wall, click here.

Want to see our other hall transformation? Click here!
Since you can see both halls at the same time while going up our stairs, I tied them together by using stripes and a chandelier in both. Well, lets be real here, I just love stripes and chandeliers.

Thanks for coming on this little tour of our sunny recycled hall! What can you recycle and re-use in your home?

Until next time,

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