Monday, December 24, 2012

Any Beverage Bar and a Menu Board

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Whether it's cocoa, wine, cocktails, tea/coffee or soda pop, make sure your beverage bar is ready and stocked when you entertain this next week! I am a believer that everyone needs to have some kind of beverage bar in their home, complete with a chalkboard to write a menu on. It really makes your guests feel as though they are being taken care of, and also it just looks schnazzy!
 I purchased this hideous mirror, which I converted into a gorgeous chalkboard from the Goodwill before moving from the states. I am really pleased with the outcome! I will show a tutorial, plus before and after shots soon! I think it looks better than the chalkboard clock, which was just a temporary piece anyway. 
 I originally wrote Buon Natalie instead of Buon Natale as an inside joke to my friends... but corrected it for all of you linguists...

Are you serving a signature cocktail or mocktail at your holiday affair?
Since I keep making updates to our holiday decor, I shall add these pictures to our holiday barn tour post!
I gotta run and bake some cake, or as the Germans say, kuchen!

Merry Christmas to all! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Branstetter Barn Holiday Tour 2012

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Welcome, all to our 2012 holiday tour! I have combined all of the pictures from this seasons posts to show you a final tour of our 130 year old barn in the German countryside, all decked out for the holidays! I have made some updates along the way so you will see the living room two slightly different ways! Grab a cup of cocoa, relax, enjoy and make yourself at home!

Here is our living room before we got our shutters...

And here is the room with our lovely shutters!

Here is our beverage bar before our chalkboard menu...

And here is with our new chalknoard menu...By the way... In Italian it is spelled Natale but it's an inside joke with my friends to write Natalie...I changed it all for you linguists...

To see how I created these holiday vignettes, click here.

Happy holidays to you and yours!

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