Friday, December 21, 2012

Ornament Wreath, Dresser Re-do, and a Vignette

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 Busy, busy, Busy....I have been so incredibly busy this holiday season... We have been attending magical Christmas markets, trying new foods, having loads of dinner parties with friends, and working like merry maniacs! That last line was corny, I know, but I love working so I do it merrily...
Last weekend, I went and stayed with our friends Ashley and Brennon from the Design Eur Life blog. In addition to attending the craziest Christmas market ever, we relaxed, crafted and worked on a new business...Ok, so we totally ditched the work, but we were planning on doing it and that's what counts right?
We both made an ornament wreath out of some left over ornaments from our Christmas decor... Simplest project ever... seriously.
You're going to gather your supplies:
-Wreath form 
-Glue gun
-Junk ton of ornaments
-Ribbon (optional)
Then, you are going to lay it all out all pretty in a bowl to take a picture...
 Remove the metal clips and hangers from the ornaments.
 Glue and wrap ribbon around the wreath before gluing your ornaments on. Glue larger ornaments on then layer with smaller ornaments to cover up the empty spaces. The more overflowing, the better.
I hung my wreath on the gorgeous new vintage farmhouse window.  I got some incredible looking robin's egg blue shutters as well! I set up this new vignette in my dining room using my childhood dresser, bottle dryer, window and some other Christmas accents.

 I am planning on painting my dresser either robin's egg blue, or a green color, but painted it white for now. 
Here it is before..
And here it is after...
 I love my crystal candle holder, it is so icy looking and perfect for the holiday.

I hope you are enjoying the last few days before Christmas arrives! I am off to do some more painting!

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  1. It looks amazing! I want to make that wreath :)

  2. I knew I should've bought all those ornaments at Goodwill! It looks beautiful!

    1. You should totally do it! Get a bunch on sale for next year! How pretty would one be in white clear and champagne color for a champagne party to represent the bubbles :)

  3. Wow! That looks awesome!! I love the dresser too!

  4. Molly I am loving the dresser and everything you've been posting lately! What kind of paint did you use on that dresser??? Anything special? I just bought some AS Chalk Paint today and am really excited to try it out!

    1. Hey there Leah! I haven't ordered Annie Sloan and just used some left over stock German white paint and scraped the heck out of it :) How did your AS turn out! I can't wait to get mine! xoxox


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