Friday, June 29, 2012

DIY Fab Tea Cup Pedestals

Happy Saturday, Folks! I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! I am busy thrifting, picking flowers and catching fireflies....seriously.
 Do you have an odd number or mismatched group of plates, candle holders or tea cups collecting dust in a closet? Instead of dumping them, put them to use and showcase them! I stumbled on these incredible vintage tea cups and a tea pot from Holland at a thrift shop and had to make something awesome with them. I scrounged up some random candlesticks and a few other plates I found at the goodwill and 99 cent store and made a festive collection of funky cake pedestals. These are perfect not only the Fourth Of July but for any summertime celebration! I wanted this set to be a true take on "Americana" which is a beautiful blend of unique items just like all the different people in the states!
The best part is, at most they cost a couple bucks!
To do this, grab all the mismatched junk you can find in your house, and if you need more, go to a good yard sale or thrift shop.
Play with stacking your items till you get the desired look of pedestals.
Grab some gorilla glue, glue it all together and and put heavy books on it to press it together tightly while it dries.
 Tea cups on top work great for nuts, candies, dip, celery sticks, fruit, flowers, etc.
 Come up with unique ways to incorporate stars and red white in blue in your party decor, such as starfish and coral.

I look forward to showing you these with beautiful food on them, but wanted to hold off on that to show off the lovely patterns on the plates. What unique ideas do you have for patriotic decor?
I'm off thrifting!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pallet Coffee Table Tutorial

Hey there folks! How are you doing this bright and summery day? I just found out my German home (more of a duplex) will be expanding into the second floor apartment next door... A little confusing I know..... Anyhoosey, we are gaining a guest suite! Woo Hoo! I decided I wanted to move my gorgeous and fragile marble and mahogany coffee table to the guest area and decided to build the pallet table I have been dreaming of... 
A pallet table is PERFECT for us. It is large enough that guests sitting in every chair in our living room can reach the table to place their glasses on it or, kick their feet up. Another great thing about this table is the wood is so weathered, there is no way anyone could ruin it. Anymore dents and scratches would only add more character and charm to it. It is also strong enough to support someone if they felt like dancing on it....just sayin'...
This truly is a practical decision for our family. 

For a table that looks like ours, you will need 3 pallets. You can usually get these for free from most stores. They can cost a lot in Europe since Europeans recycle them instead of trashing them like in the states.
The first thing you are going to want to do is rip off the top pieces of wood and slide them next to each other so a glass won't fall through the open slats. European pallets are made really well....we ruined a few pallets trying to rip off the top pieces of wood, since they were hammered in with such long, strong nails. We decided for us it was easier to saw smaller pieces of wood (that split off of the extra pallets) and nail them in the open spaces. 
Hammer two pallets together and add your wheels. You can sand, paint or stain yours to the desired color...We sanded the rough edges and left ours natural. 

Pallet tables are great storage as well! I have ours filled with books that inspire us. 
For a party, you could slide it up against a wall, throw pillows on it and use it as a daybed. We push ours forward, throw pillows on the floor and use it as a table for movie nights. With a bunch of lanterns lit, I felt like we were at a picnic table watching a movie was pretty rad.
 Yummy...I love the Moose Munch from Harry and Davids...It's a great movie snack!
Check out this picture tray (that used to be black) that I painted silvery gold with left over paint from my tree stump side table. I put a gorgeous painting that I just bought for 2 Euro from a thrift shop in there and topped it with glass so it wouldn't get ruined. The vibrant and cheery colors are what I am loving this summer.

I have a ton of other projects we will be doing using pallets. I am so thrilled that both this pallet table and my tree stump table were so so cheap! The only thing that cost anything was the wheels that were 7 Euro a pop!
The grand total of this table was 28 Euro!
Any cool projects you are working on??? 

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Few New Goodies!

Hey friends! I hope you are having an inspiring Tuesday! I found a few new goodies I am dying to share with you. I was so thrilled to stumble upon these sleek German oil and vinegar bottles and thought they fit perfectly in our kitchen! I also am incredibly fond of the little plant next to them, that I purchased for only 2 Euro!
 After visiting England, I have a new obsession with drinking tea...I discovered these delightful mis-matched tea pots for only a few Euro at the local thrift shop! They are all unique, but the shared color schemes make them look great together in an arrangement. I have a feeling this is the start of a new collection....
What kinds of things do you collect or would you like to collect?

Stay Tuned:
Pallet coffee table tutorial coming next!

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Monday, June 25, 2012

"Hey There, Stumpy!"

Hey guys! Before I get into the tutorial on the DIY tree stump, I want to thank all the crew at the wonderful Remodelaholic blog for the feature today!

It's no secret that I have an obsession with things that are a blend of natural and glamorous. I have been wanting to make a tree stump side table for over a year.....for some reason I never got around to doing it. I have used a faux stump in a client's home before, and it really makes the perfect foot stool, and side table. The best part about this project is (besides the paint) it was completely free! I love the look of all things "natural glam".
Here is how I made my Stumpy McStumperton. I will make the tutorial short and sweet like this little guy. 
-Climb through the woods to find the perfect stump and avoid getting stung by a needle-y grass called Stinging Netto (I renamed it the Devil's grass). It burns like fire. Or, you could find a stump from someone chopping firewood.
-Let it dry out for a few weeks if it isn't already dry.
-With a chisel or a screwdriver, remove the bark.
-Sand the heck out of it and wipe off with a damp cloth.
-Take a champagne break.
-Spray paint or stain Stumpy in your color of choice (or you could leave it natural). I used a very golden silver.
-Seal the stump with a Polyurathane.
*The only thing that I spent money on was paint! I love nearly free!
Stumpy works perfectly next to my free "throw-away" wicker chair!

 Gotta love the texture!
Once you are done creating your gorgeous stump, prop your feet up, read a good blog and admire your hard work!
Check out my feature at the fabulous blog Remodelaholic!
I am off to do some more creating!

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