Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My Little Loft Tour {Fall Edition}

You guys!!!! I am so excited about Fall being here! There is nothing like cooler weather, spiced treats, snuggling with loved ones, and wearing all those cozy sweaters and hats. Nature seems extra gorgeous and the sky isn't gray and dreary yet. Everything seems to have a golden glow to it that is absolutely divine!
I don't know if you all feel this way, but once October hits, I feel as though the rest of the year flys by waaay too fast. I always hope to slow down and enjoy the seasons like I did in Germany, and this year I plan on making that happen. As of late, I have been so slammed and am running on virtually no sleep. I haven't kept that promise to myself thus far, so I am grateful that Autumn has only just begun! I am hoping to relax and soak up the season a little more VERY soon!
Today I am off to Nashville to visit some of my best friends but first, I wanted to share my Autumn decor post with you all!
This year, I wanted to do Fall in a very subtle way. As much as I love lots of leaves and orange, I wanted to show you how to do Fall in a more neutral and luxe way. I have changed the florals to things that are less vibrant but still rich in color. I have added gold metal tones, wood accents and lush fabrics to add warmth to the space. Gold antlers and acorns in my lantern definitely hint at Fall without feeling overdone!
Nothing says cozy like a fireplace... since one does't exist in my loft, I created one (that I use year around) with a mantle, an antiqued mirror and faux candles. That is probably my favorite thing about this space. The feeling of a fireplace can be done with a shelf as well!
I placed some glitzy pumpkins into my rustic dough bowl and I love the contrast of the two mixed together! I definitely love blending the two looks. Faux sheep skins draped over my ghost chairs make them extra comfy and remind me of the bistros in Europe during the Fall and Winter months. 

Copper, brass, velvet, lots of soft blankets and warm colored glass help add warmth to the space as well!

Thank you so much for coming on this small tour of my little loft!! I am off to the airport and am stoked to listen to some good music this weekend! So tell me, how do you do Fall? Ciao, ciao for now!
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