Saturday, June 11, 2011

From Blah to a Beautiful Bar

See the updated beverage bar here.
My girlfriend was recently getting rid of a table and was kind enough to give it to me!  I just LOVE free!!  Since I entertain a lot I decided I wanted to create a beverage bar.  I want to be able to reuse it as an island  if I need to in the future so, I kept it pretty simple.  I still need to add a bottle opener to it and am thinking about adding some awesome antique metal wheels.
I decided to paint it with a beautiful white spray paint called Heirloom White.  It actually matches my FREE kitchen table perfectly!  I roughed up the edges with sandpaper to antique it and added crystal knobs.  The larger knobs look much better and add some glam to it.  I topped it with my cafe chalkboard and all the necessities for a fabulous evening ;)  I added straws, limes, a ton of mason jars for cocktails, wine, cork storage, ice scoops, my chalkboard ice and beverage bucket etc.  This can be used as an Italian soda bar, or a coffee bar.  I am sure I will use it for all of the above.
 Here are the roughed up edges
 I got this awesome victorian looking hand clip and clipped a towel on it to help with spills.

I think I'm gonna have to sit and enjoy a glass of wine :)

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