Tuesday, August 7, 2012

DIY Painted Rug

Howdy there, folks! How are you all doing? I am fabulous..I had an extremely productive and fun week. We had a lovely time in the darling village of Rothenburg (cool story with that coming soon) and I went wine tasting with a girlfriend in Germany's wine country the day after. The place we stopped at to enjoy some dinner looked like it was out of a movie....Ahhh, it couldn't have been a more perfect week!
As you know, I am working on my upstairs hall right now, using mostly things I already had. To see my $2 wallpaper tutorial, click here.
I have recently been admiring some fun rugs online and they all run between $70-$200 for the size I need! Crazy right?! Well not really, I am sure they are made with silk or from the hair of an angel... it's probably worth it, but not for my upstairs hall, it isn't. I desperately wanted one of these awesome, fun, striped rugs. So, like a zillion other people are doing these days, I thought what the heck?! I'll just make one! 
I decided I was allowed to splurge and spend 10 Euro on a plain rug from the local hardware store. It was the perfect color, had a tight weave (which by the way is a must), and I didn't already have a rug that would fit in that area. Ikea has some lovely, inexpensive tight weave rugs as well.
I measured and taped off stripes every five inches. I wrapped the tape around the back about an inch, to keep the stripes clean looking around the sides. If you didn't want stripes, you could use any stencil or pattern. 

 I grabbed some left over paint that I had and rolled the paint on. It took three coats of paint to give it a good solid white stripe. If your rug is in a high traffic area and you are planning on washing it, you will want to mix some fabric medium in with your paint to make it soft and washable.

Rip your tape off, place cute matching shoes on your rug (optional) and admire your beautiful work! 
My rug reminds me of a beach towel on the Italian coast, or a sunny striped umbrella at a French Cafe.
This project turned out so great, I am going to paint everything!

Stay tuned to see how to make your own custom art work.

Check out the final hall reveal here!

Before I leave you all, it's time for a reader showoff!
Carolin made this gorgeous Moss Monogram, using my simple tutorial! It looks so awesome, Carolin! Great job, and thank you so much for sharing! To see that tutorial click here.
Have you made a project that turned out great? I would love to see it and share it! 

I hope you all are having a marvelous day and I can't wait to share the next portion of my hall with you!

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  1. So fun, I just started following! Stopped by from DIY showoff. Swing by sometime! Pagesfromhome.blogspot.com

  2. This is so awesome!! Featuring you tomorrow night at the party! Thanks so much for linking up!


  3. Molly, how did the stripes hold up?? Does the paint chip off at all?

    1. Hey there Hilary! you will definitely want to mix paint medium with it.... for sure... That should make it hold up perfectly!


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