Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Celebrate your family treasures!

Charm is in the DETAILS!!
Here are a few pics of one of the homes that I have been working on. I had my client pull out all of her silver, banged up family treasures and old books to add charm, character and history to her space. Showcase all your family treasures, and you will have a one of a kind home.
Below is a cabinet I got for my client's kitchen that is not only beautiful but very functional. In it is an old woman's home handbook, banged up salt and pepper shakers, an antique ice cream scoop, and a silver cup makes the perfect vase. We picked hydrangeas for free from her yard to add some organic form.

She happened to be hosting a baby shower this evening, so, we used the kitchen table as a gift table. I framed a baby silhouette that I printed offline from the graphics fairy, and did a couple different sized vases to add a vintage touch. Also I added a hint of subtle animal print to spice it up.
By grouping your items in groups of odd numbers and staggering the heights it will create movement and will look finished. Group little items together so that the group becomes a whole, and so your things don't look like cluttered chaos.

Mix up your mantle. Build up to your focal piece to make the eye move around the arrangement.
If you have a lot of family photos or items, keep it from getting cluttered by having the frames and colors simple and all similar. You want to create unity.
To add fantastic color and height to an item, stack funky old books under it.
Add a hint of metallic or shimmer to jazz it up. If you like things to look natural and not glitzy add natural glitz like sea glass or mother of pearl like the binoculars below.
Now get out all your goodies and showcase what you already have!
More pictures to come soon!

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