Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Make a Moss Monogram

Howdy! I am enjoying a lovely yet productive day and hope you all are enjoying your weekend as well! I wanted to show you all how to make a moss covered monogram/ wreath. This would look good in any style home, rustic or contemporary, and is very simple and easy to make. It takes about 45 minutes to create (an hour and a half with a coffee and champagne break). Moss looks great during any season, I use it year around, but it looks particularly good for spring! It adds a touch of freshness and brightens up any room, door or vignette.
I accidentally deleted the picture of the Styrofoam before I cut it....I am sure you get the right idea. Oops!
The things you will need to create this are:
- A large piece of flat Styrofoam that is about one inch thick (found at your local craft store)
- Two packages of sheets of super moss ( also found at your local craft store)
- A glue gun
- A good knife for cuttin'
- A cutting mat (I highly recommend this for projects so you don't cut your table, floor, carpet etc. A thick piece of cardboard will do. Cutting mats can be found at your local craft, framing or art store)
****Optional- A piece of ribbon of your choice (I used upholstery webbing for a sofa, it has a great look and is only about 78 cents a yard at your local fabric store.)
The first thing you do is write your monogram on your piece of  Styrofoam, I just traced my large "B". You can print off an image of your letter or freehand it and it works just as well. It does not have to be perfect because it will be covered with moss. Cut or tear your sheets of moss and just start gluing it to your piece of Styrofoam making sure to be very generous with both your glue and the amount of moss you use. You do not want your moss falling off of your monogram and you also don't want the moss to be sparse and be able to see through to your Styrofoam. 
Once you're done, you can set it on a table, hang it on a wall, door, mirror, chalkboard, anywhere! 
If I weren't renting this apartment the door above would be black or red.....I love traditional black or red doors!
The one above is for in a guest house at a winery. 

Love you all!

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  1. I just found your blog, you are a diva!!! Really lovely!

  2. beautiful idea!!!!Thanks for sharing.

  3. Lovely! For your ribbon, did you use red line webbing - the wide kind that has two red lines - and, cut it in half? What a neat idea!

    1. I sure did! I wish I could get some of that webbing here, it sure is lovely! I hope you are having a blessed day! xo


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