Monday, February 27, 2012

Vintage Tins and Spring Flowers

Hey all! How are you doing today?? Today was a great day for me, you see, I chipped my front tooth the other day and finally was able to get in with a dentist and get that ugly thing fixed! Now I won't have to talk funny to hide my hideous chipped tooth any more!
Anyways, on to much more important things. So, I know I said that for my next post I was going to teach you how to make mixed media art. I am going to save that for another time because.....I found some more treasures that I had to share with you! While thrifting I found these four vintage canisters for $5!!! I love them so much because of their uniqueness and their interesting colors. My home is filled with these vibrant colors at the moment and these tins matched perfectly! I love the bold and springy green, peach, orange, mustard and turquoise in them! I am going to clean them out and use them for something awesome but for now I am using them as flower pots. These flowers were a steal at 88 cents a piece so this entire arrangement cost a grand total of $8.52! 
I love that all the lids are different.

Check out this fabulous print I found of my favorite city in the world, Venice, Italy. It's also done in the same color scheme and was only 50 cents! Can't wait to put it in an over the top gaudy frame next to a very simple piece of art.
Now get to thrifting, and make something gorgeous!

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  1. Thank you for linking this up with the "Cowgirl Up!" linky party. I appreciate your participation so much. This project is absolutely adorable!!! I'm sitting here thinking about some old tins I got rid of with regret! Very cute♥

  2. it looks great...i love flowers in vintage tins!!


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