Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Design Shopping in Europe..

All I can say is HOLY COW!!! This place is amazing......
The other day I decided to take a little shopping trip to a local furniture and design store called Mobel Martin. It's a three story cross between Homegoods, Ikea and a high-end contemporary Italian furniture showroom. As soon as I walked through the doors and the warmth of the showroom lights hit me in the face, I felt like I was walking through the pearly gates of design heaven. This was one of the first places I've been in where I started to hyperventilate. 
This shop is loaded with everything you could ever want in all price and quality ranges. What a fabulous find! If only we could get this majestic store in the U.S. There's also zillions of antique shops, markets and fairs here in Germany and as soon as things wind down, I know I am going to go crazy at these as well. I am thinking of planning a Paris flea market weekend extravaganza. I took pictures of a few of the unique and quirky things I found in Mobel Martin to share with you! The picture quality isn't amazing but it was the best I could do with a crappy cell phone camera while I was running around like a sugar overdosed, sweaty kid at a theme park.
Check out that amazing black gaudy chair in the corner of the picture above! It's hard to tell, but all the china on the table looks like clock faces.
You WILL be seeing these animal head hooks in my hall that I am painting stripes in today.
I just love the British flag fridge especially after my trip to the UK this last weekend. UK post to come soon.
Check out these fabulously glitzy light fixtures!

Here are some crazy looking kitchens...
The kitchen above is a little too "fake" distressed for me, but is interesting.
This kitchen would look great in a modern bakery. I love the pink gnomes on the shelf, they add a playful touch (as if the pink cabinets weren't playful enough). 
 Europeans do things so completely different and it's refreshing to see all of their innovative ideas. Many of these wacky designs really inspire me to think in a new light. If you live in Germany Mobel Martin is a must! 
Now, I am off to paint giant horizontal stripes in my hall! Pictures to come soon.

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  1. Isn't Moble Martain fun?!?! As soon as I saw the antlers in the photo, I thought you would be pleased! Can't wait to get my house settled so I could add more detail to my decore. All in time! :)

    1. Yes dollface I love it! Once i get my things in and see what I have, let's take a trip there!! Xo

  2. Jealously cant even describe what i'm feeling!! I love the new looks and bold colors!

    1. Jess! I miss you so! You'd love it here....seriously it's amazing! Xo

  3. Love Moebel Martin! There used to be one across the street from the office I worked in...we always went over there for lunch....Fun and yummy!

  4. adorable immages, so cool !!!

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