Saturday, May 5, 2012

Society 6 Art Love

Hello Everyone! I just returned from a fabulous trip in Brugge, Belgium. The city was overwhelmingly beautiful and I can't wait to share pictures and stories with you...another time.
As some of you may know, I am anxiously waiting for our things to arrive to Germany from the states so, I can finally get to decorating our cold, empty house. I have been scouring places for ideas and quirky things to use in our home. I came across this incredible website with awesome and very unique pieces of art and, I had to share this site with you! Society6 is loaded with pieces that can add a bit of charm to your space! It's definitely for the person who wants to add a unique and humorous piece to their collection. There really is something for everyone at Society6. There are so many prints that I want, I don't know where to even begin! Here are some of the many that I love!

If you couldn't tell, I love hot air balloons!

All these pieces excite and inspire me in some weird way. I think they would look awesome mixed in a group of really classic art pieces, to add a bit of (yes, I am going to whip out the most over used designer word ever) "whimsey".

Do you share my love of unique and bizarre art?
I can't wait to show you some other great design sources I have found! 

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  1. Very whimsical! I especially like that last one.


Thanks for the lovely comments! Each and everyone means so much to me! xo

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