Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I Just HAVE To Show Off My Friends' Talents

Hello, friends! I hope your well. I am so wonderful because our home is being painted at the moment! In the past year I have lived in four homes (my husband has lived in five, including his last deployment) and we are extremely burned out on painting. Since our ceilings are so incredibly tall and we have added so many upgrades to our landlord's homes, he hooked us up with a few painters to help us out! Can a sister get an "AMEN"!?
Anyhoo, on a completely different note, since the hubster and I have no children, I wanted to share with you some incredibly gorgeous and soothing children's rooms that my lovely friends have done. They have inspired me a ton and I know that they will do the same for you!

Meet my gorgeous friend, Heather, her sweet husband, Ryan and their precious baby, Addison.
Heather says, " When I was dreaming up the nursery, these were my main goals: Design a room that was relaxing and fun, a little vintage, VERY budget friendly, and one that would be easy to transform as our daughter grows (I didn't want to put any kind of design on the walls that we would have to re-paint a few years down the road)."
  Heather continues..."Like you, I am a sucker for thrift shops, and antique stores, and if I can make it myself and save money, bring on the challenge! When it came to furniture for the nursery, the only new piece in the room was the crib (Davinci Roxy), because of the safety concerns and all the crib recalls. Safety first!! The dresser was a Craigslist find ($35) that we simply painted and replaced the hardware on. The rocking chair was also a Craigslist find ($40) that I made a slipcover for. The side table next to the rocking chair was a $15 thrift store find that I refinished. All of the picture frames, shelves and mirror were from the thrift stores or Goodwill. I just painted them all the same color to match. The crib bedding my mom and I made together, which was so fun. I remember my mom sewing all the time when I was growing up, and I was never interested. It was so nice for this to be our first sewing project together."
..."Another favorite project was the frame that displays my baby spoons, along with the baby spoons Addison's great grandmother gave to her. I just used fishing line to display them on burlap. So easy and unique, and so special to me! The wall decal above the crib I found on Etsy (seller Lola Decor), and the pom poms and paper globes are Martha Stewart. My husband made her the bookshelf from wood pallets (similar plans can be found at The blue paint on the walls is Rain Washed by Sherwin Williams. What a happy color, I love this color so much I could just about use it in the entire house!"
 Heather adds..."We saved so much money by taking the time to search high and low for bargains, and by doing so much ourselves. It was definitely a labor of love, and I think we enjoy it so much because of all the love we poured into this room, creating it. Addison is 13 months old now, and I still sit in there, looking around the room with a smile on my face and remember how fun it was to put together!"

Thank you so much, Heather! I absolutely love little Miss Addison's room, it is so sophisticated and so budget friendly! 

Now, I would like you to meet my talented friend, Taryn and her adorable daughter, Amelie. Taryn is a fellow FIDM graduate and a Colorado based photographer.

 Taryn states that "I chose blue for Amelie's wall color because, her room is so small and I wanted it to be bright and fresh feeling. Because of the size, we had to limit furniture as much as possible to leave room for toys. I have been collecting owls since before she was born, almost three years ago. People thought I was crazy when I chose owls for her since you couldn't find them anywhere yet. I left blank spaces on her wall for her daddy Dane for when he gets home from his deployment. I wanted him to have the opportunity to help with decorating her room and  picking out artwork is his favorite thing to do." 
 The cherry tree was specially designed and hand painted by Amelie's grandmother and the poms were made by Taryn using styrofoam balls, petals and pins. 
This room was also quite a labor of love! 
Check out Taryn's photography site where you can purchase prints online!
Thank you so much Heather and Taryn for letting me share your lovely little girls' rooms!

I also wanted to share with you some whimsical work by one of my favorite artists Katie Daisy.
Katie Daisy creates folk and almost Bavarian looking pieces that would look wonderful in any room especially in a kids room. I plan on adding her cheery work to my home. 

Do check out her Etsy shop!

I sure hope you have been as inspired as I have! 


  1. Wow!!! Absolutely amazing!!! I like the idea of not painting anything on the walls in the first room that would have to be painted over in a few years, so many do that with their nursery's! So smart!

    1. Aren't the rooms fabulous! I hope you are well! I responded to your comment on the latest post as well and it disappeared.... how weird :( Thank you so much for your continuous encouragement and support! I am blessed with wonderful readers like you! :) Have a fabulous night!

  2. Replies
    1. Your home is! Can't wait to show it off as well Missy poo!

  3. Where can I get the globes and Pom-poms?

  4. And how did you hang the globes and Pom-poms?

    1. Melissa, all the globes and pom poms are Martha Stewart. I ordered them from I used small white hooks (from the hardware store) that I screwed into the ceiling and clear fishing line to hang them at different levels. Another little tip: I used tape to attach the pom poms to the ceiling first before I screwed the hooks in, so I could mess around with the placement until it looked right to me. Hope this helps!


Thanks for the lovely comments! Each and everyone means so much to me! xo

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