Thursday, August 29, 2013

A Kiss of Folk Decor

Most of us, including myself, "ooo" and "ahhhh" over the Italian and French design styles... They are stunning, and I love having a large portion of our barn decorated in a Frenchy, rustic style. But, what about quirky and cheeky folk art? Every country from Russia, to Norway, and France to Switzerland has its own version of brightly colored folk art, furniture and architecture that helped keep things sunny and cheery during dark, grey winters. It is a style that is making a huge come-back and that I find myself drawn to it more and more since we moved to Germany. This comforting and endearing "story book" style inspired Disney a little over 60 years ago and it sure puts warm feelings in my heart too.

 As you know I am a huge advocate for changing out accessories and pillows, so you can get a "new look" seasonally and here is how I added a little bit of this look to our barn without the major commitment! 
Below, are a few snapshots I have taken of some "folk" style in our region and the Alsace Region of France. 
 Now, before you go nuts Tole painting your walls, you can add a "kiss" of this look to your home in a new updated way by mixing it with contemporary fabrics and unusual colors! I found some items, while in The States, that fit in perfectly with my colorful Polish Pottery as seen in the picture below!

Let me introduce you to my beautiful, little Matryoshka, nesting doll, measuring cups! (Insert excited, high pitched, inner 13 year old girl voice) They are so stinking cute and funky!!! They add just a touch of this folk style to our mismatched eclectic kitchen! I found these bad boys (or girls) at Cost Plus World Market and was suckered in by their adorable, beady, little eyes.

They are even cute decapitated. "Awwww".

"Take us home with you..."

Also, while I was home in CA, I discovered this large vintage-looking fork at Kirklands for only $10. Mixed in with authentic antiques, it looks pretty cool! I use it to eat pasta on my "fat days".

It finishes off this corner nicely, if I do say so myself.

Another way I add bold colors and patterns in my kitchen is through tea towels and aprons. The apron on our cow is from one of my besties, Florence, and was purchased at my all time favorite store, Anthropologie. The tea towels pictured above are from Tuscany and the one below is from Cost Plus World Market. 

Even Target has hopped on the band wagon and is offering playful decor and prints. The "spoon" towel below was purchased there. 

An updated twist on folk painting is popping up everywhere too! I may have to get some of these from one of my absolute favorite artists, Katie Daisy, for our place!  Check out her gorgeous shop, The Wheatfield! She. Is. Brilliant.

What do you think of our new additions? Will you be adding a touch of European or Americana folk to your home any time soon?


  1. "I use it to eat pasta on my "fat days"." That made me laugh out loud. I am now wondering if I was to get a fork that size and ate pasta with it if it would then be socially acceptable for me to drink an entire bottle of wine in one sitting ! I did purchase this summer an Adirondack chair, which is made out of recycled hockey sticks. So it is kind of an Americana / Canadiana hybrid and I absolutely love it.

    1. Hahahaha! It is almost always socially acceptable to drink an entire bottle of wine ;)Your chair sounds simply epic!! How awesome is that! Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello! xo


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