Tuesday, September 10, 2013

From Funky Junk To A Festive Fall Arrangement

I don't know about you guys, but I am loving all the goodies, sprucing up, and fun that comes with the Falliday season! A couple days ago I was shopping at our local discount market and found these cheapo, vibrant, fall colored orchids on sale for only 2 Euro a pop! I thought it was the perfect way to bring some Autumn colors into our barn. It came in these cruddy looking black planters, so that of course had to change...

I had really been wanting to use this beautiful copper planter that my neighbor was "throwing out" (giving to me, the village hoarder), and these were the perfect flowers to put in there. I simply placed them inside and covered the ugly pots with moss. Moss seems to be the cure for covering up a lot of unsightly ugliness.
I wish I could cover my face with moss when I am having a bad skin day! Ha!

You could easily do this at home by placing some florist foam in any funky old pot, bucket, tea pot etc. Then, just pop some branchy flowers in there and cover the foam or ugly pots with moss. BAM! Who doesn't love a simple, easy and quick project, that is nearly free?

The Vibrant orangey yellow works nicely in our kitchen
Scour your home and see what you can give some new life to! 
What pot or vase will you be making over???
Want some more autumn projects? Click here and scroll down to the Fall section!


  1. Beautiful! Ummmm...you aren't the only village hoarder...hahahaha. I have rescued so many things from people. My favorite is a handcrafted hope chest a former neighbor was throwing away..it's a really big blanket chest type piece, and her father built it for her when she was 16. I couldn't believe she was throwing it in the garbage...it's beautiful!!! It serves as my coffee table, and since it's cedar lined, I store some of my wool (yarn) in it!
    What's really fun is when I get bored with some of those rescued things, I put them in a box to be re-discovered later and find that I have a whole new appreciation for them. I've been doing that a lot lately! :)
    Hope you've warmed up today!

  2. I am so sorry I got sidetracked with my blanket chest/coffee table. haha I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fall orchids!!! And you m'dear could never have a bad skin day, so keep the moss for your crafts!!!!

    1. You are the sweetest!! THank you! Isn't it so fun rediscovering old pieces!!??
      I hope you are having a glorious day and thank you for the love! xo

  3. I just love your imagination and creativity!

    1. Thank you so much!! I appreciate your sweet comment!! xo


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