Sunday, April 27, 2014

Striped Hall Reveal {Before The Teardown}

Long time, no see, dear friends. Life has taken over and absolutely been insane and chaotic lately. I have been trying to accomplish everything I can before my time in glorious Europe is up. My home has felt like insanity as well. I have decided to sell EVERYTHING I don't simply LOVE and all the things I brought from The States, so that I could do more traveling and stock up on some European antiques before I head back to America in less than a year. As of late, my home changes daily, and as soon as I get it how I like it, I find a piece I like better and sell other items to pay for it! I have been collecting decor and antiques since I was a wee little one, and to be honest, it feels good to get rid of all the things (that don't have sentimental value) that I have been lugging around for years.
I had the striped hall like this for about a month before selling my childhood dresser, but wanted to share with you how I had it set up! I got the painting at a thrift shop and it reminds me of the wine region along the Mosel. When you drive on the Autobahn you see dozens of little villages and steeples like the one in  the painting. It will be a beautiful memory for us and a piece of my home here in Germany, all in a vintage painting.

 Even though my style is a blend of antiques and contemporary pieces, I am collecting all the antiques I can while I am here.  It would be absolutely ludicrous not to, since I can purchase them at a fraction of the cost as in The States.

I left my time-zone clock wall and eccentric art the same. To read about the meaning of our time-zone clock wall, click here.

I have also done some rearranging in my kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom to add beautiful pieces like this hand painted and burned clock from the French countryside. 

What would you do with your last little bit of time in a foreign country??? Would you travel and stock up too?


  1. I think it's so important to edit and to surround yourself with pieces that you truly love. We are doing that here too- I think it's one of the reasons I like moving as much as we do :)

  2. Please come to my house and rummage thru my garage and basement because I need to purge too! I am actually planning a garage sale - I can't take it anymore! And that way, I can have more room to buy even more stuff that I can then get rid of in years to come!!! Glad you are only keeping things with meaning.

  3. I say go for it! If it is truly a fraction of what you would pay here, then it is worth the time and money! Then, when you return to the states you will be surrounded by pieces you love :) Have fun on the hunt!!!!

  4. But of course. There is no argument here... get as much as you can and bring back all the sweet memories from your time abroad.
    Happy shopping!
    Hugs, Gee

  5. Girl, you are doing the right thing! Stock up on dem antiques! :)

  6. Definitely stock up! :-) We so much enjoy using the items we bought during our years in Germany and the stories behind how we got them. I would love to be back there for a few months to wander through their wonderful flea markets for a few more treasures. Savor that last year!

  7. I moved from a 2800 to a 1380 sq. ft. home 3 years ago. I have had to only keep the things I really love and I would not go back. I had a dear friend in the military that lived in Germany for years. She did the same thing in buying as many antiques as possible that she really loved while the prices were so much better. She has always been able to mix them with her styles where she is and have those great memories as well. I think you are doing the right thing and making the most of where you are today. If you should change your mind later, you can always sell at a profit! If we don't keep changing, we are no longer growing! Enjoy your last year!

  8. No question here!! Travel and stock up!!
    Any chance at ALL we can see your extreemly cool bathroom we got a peek at awhile back??

  9. Hey are doing the right thing....who knows when you get over to Europe again and if so its way too expansive to ship it back to the States unless the Military pays for it....My Mom is here visiting us in the States and I showed her your blog. She wanted to now what part of Germany you are in and I totally forgot.....Christine from Little Brags

  10. Yes will never regret doing this. I was in high school in Germany and I still have ALL my treasures from 30 something years ago. I know exactly where the purchases were made and they bring back sweet memories. I so wish I could go back now and do more so keep on doing what you are doing:)

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