Monday, November 10, 2014

Eclectically Boho-Chic Living and Dining Room Reveal

One of my absolute favorite things about being a designer is, that I get to do completely different styles with each new client. This rental, eclectically boho-chic and feminine apartment was one of the wildest and most fun projects I have had the pleasure of working on. This client in particular has a passion for travel, DIY and painting projects and she picks up pieces (especially textiles) from all of her different travels. She wanted her home to be bright, colorful, bold, eclectic and cheery. I had an absolute blast blending the many different patterns and textures that she painted or collected along her journeys. Her apartment is a reflection of her bright and beautiful, sunshiny soul. This place is oozing with wanderlust and passion. She has incredible style and was such an inspiration to me! It will be nearly impossible to be blue during the dark German winters when enveloped in such warmth and cheer! I have shown you snippets of this project as I have worked on it and am elated to share the rest with you. Come along and tour her space with me!

 Here is my client's dining room before.....

Below is the design concept and inspiration board that I created for her after hearing her wants and needs, to give her an idea of how the space would feel and look when it was completed. 

And here is the after!

My client painted both her buffet and her fabulous piece of art. The pillows were made from a textile she picked up on one of her travels and were sewn together by her best friend.

Now, on to the living room... Here are the "before" shots.

Below is the design concept board that I created for her.

And this is the finished product! 

Here interiors matched much of the landscape out her windows!

She painted her ottoman using fabric medium and acrylic paint and it absolutely made all the difference in the world. You can find that tutorial here.  The antlers below are a memory of when she hunted a unicorn-deer hybrid...Just kiddin', they were just a boring non-magical antler found on her parents' property and I had her add some gold to the tips to schnazz them up a bit. 

The chairs were simply re-upholstered with some $2 floor mats. They really add to the bohemian "collected" look that she desired. 

The beautiful watercolor art was painted by her and was inspired by a rug that she was in love with. The lampshade was an IKEA find that I had her add gold leaf to the inside to add some glow, sparkle and mood to her cafe corner. 

These precious gem (Anthropologie knock-off) knobs were created using this tutorial from one of my favorite blogs, View Along The Way! You can find that tutorial here! They definitely add raw  blingy to her bar. 

I am hoping this space can be a sunny escape for her and will evoke precious memories of her incredible travels. I can hardly wait to share the rest of her apartment with you real soon! Stay tuned for more, her hall reveal will be coming soon!


  1. what wonderful rooms Molly! and you can see how they reflect your client's taste and personality. that dining room is fantastic.

  2. wow Molly amazing..a fantastic trasformation..this dining room is fab..good job

  3. you are amazing....glad you are back to blogging again.....was your client in Germany German or American stationed over there??? Super cool spaces Molly....xoxoxo from WA to CA

  4. Love it Molly!! So glad you're back!!

    Stephanie @

  5. This would be such a warm and welcoming place to come home to during the dark winters. (They've already begun to set in here in New England.) * Sarah Grace

  6. Molly this redesign is so elegant but fun too, love it!!!

  7. I've missed you, Molly - glad you're back! I love how you transformed this space. The pops of bright colors are fabulous.

  8. So glad to see your blog again.loved seeing your barn and your husband are so fortunate to have traveled together.was he transferred home since you are here. Enjoy your love and cherish it.hope your migranes have gotten better.

  9. Wow very awesome blog. Thanks for share :)

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