Thursday, April 7, 2016

Espresso Bar Armoire Part 3: Installing a Chandelier in an Armoire

As you know, I recently converted an armoire into a quaint, tucked away espresso bar. Click here to read parts one and two. This is part three...Installing a light fixture. If you are lazy and don't like overly involved projects, this is the project for you...
This "tutorial" is so insanely easy, I almost feel guilty writing an entire post that is dedicated to doing this, but alas I shall. There is something so enchanting about opening an armoire that is converted into a unique space that has a glistening little chandelier or awesome light that establishes the petite area as a place of importance or "retreat". The best part is, it is SOOOO incredibly simple to do.

Step One: Convert Your Chandelier Into a Plug-In Light (and of course, drink a yummy iced coffee while you do it!)

You are essentially turning your hanging light fixture into a lamp. There are tons of light kits that you can purchase (at any hardware store) and plenty of sites that give tutorials and instructions. I am no electrical expert, so please follow the directions on the light kit. I am not responsible for someone not doing this step correctly. If you can't figure it out, ask an electrician or purchase a "plug in" light fixture. These are available at a plethora of retailers, including Cost Plus World Market, Ikea, Pier One, and dozens more.

I kind of want to have a "laying" chandelier table lamp in my home... I may have to do another one like this. I love the look.

Step Two: Drill Your Hole

Using a 1-1/2" drill bit, drill a hole in an inconspicuous space in your armoire. I saved the little piece of wood to pop back in if I ever decided I didn't want to run electricity into my armoire anymore. I also drilled a hole in the same spot on my removable wallpaper backdrop so they line up. 

Step Three: Hang Your Light on a Hook

Yep... That easy. twist a hook into the ceiling of your armoire and hang your light.

Step Four: Plug Your Light in and Run it Through The Hole You Have Just Drilled

You can hide your cord by running it along the inside of your armoire or behind the replaceable back panel that I show you how to make, here.

Step Five: Stand Back and Look at Your Lovely Little Space in "Awe"!

A dazzling or unique small  light fixture is an unexpected touch that will add character, charm and dimension to your little space, whatever it may be.

Note: Do not leave your light on while doors of armoire are closed. You can purchase switches that allow you to click it on when you open your doors. Too much heat in a small space can cause a fire if left on. I am not responsible for any problems that may occur if this is executed incorrectly.

I am off to chug a ton of coffee and work on a remodel here in San Francisco! Let me know how this works for you! Ciao, friends!


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