Monday, September 5, 2011

What I Stumbled Upon Today!

My girlfriend Florence, my dog Penny and I went on a gorgeous stroll today in Downtown Napa. We stumbled upon some of my very favorite things that I thought I would share!
This is my dream home, at least today's version. I love the beautiful front porch, black shutters, lantern, and bright red door. The topiaries add a soft and beautiful touch to the front door. All of these elements can be added to your home to give it that timeless, traditional look, and they all add a touch of southern charm. This makes me want to sit in those rockers and enjoy a glass of sweet tea.

Look at this beautiful iron fence! I just love it! If you can't have these in your yard, salvage an old one to use as wall decor or a headboard for a bed. If you can't find one, you can always take a picture of  architectural or textured looking things, and have them blown up and put on canvas to add architectural detail to a modern, or plain tract home.
I just adore a gorgeous Vespa. I am going to own one someday and pretend I am Italian.
We discovered a beautiful and inspirational design shop with the most fantastic crystal chandeliers with wine barrels as shades. I am going to attempt to make these myself. If you were interested in them, they are not too expensive for what the are.
I also just love the forks on the storefront in the picture above.
I love these fun and lovely yellow Mediterranean cafe umbrellas. They are both playful and sophisticated. They would add a beautiful European touch to any yard.
We discovered this adorable sweet shoppe.  The sign is reminiscent of the hanging ones in Europe. I would love to make one of them with our monogram to hang outside of our home.
 This shoppe was featured on the food network and they have a large variety of pastries, coffees, wines and chocolate. The owner is an absolute delight and a fantastic hostess. They do wine and chocolate pairings as well. It's a fantastic afternoon date idea for you and your special someone or, even as a girls day treat. $5 for one pairing or $10 for three.
They are very famous for their chocolate covered wine bottles. They are both beautiful and delicious and make fabulous gifts.
 I adore hydrangeas. They are so gorgeous full of texture, and always in such stunning shades of color. They look fantastic with any decor.
 I believe that everyone should own a set of colorful bistro chairs and table.
This is the tin ceiling in one of my favorite restaurants in Napa, the Bounty Hunter. It's extremely high quality and delicious BBQ food. They have a fantastic selection of wines and it has a really fun atmosphere.
You can get this amazing look in your own home. Tin not only adds a ton of character to your home, but also reflects light and comes in a variety of finishes.

After our walk we relaxed in my friend's amazing vintage cottage. Here is an entertaining tip from my dear friend Florence Montagne. Serve sparkling water with mint and lime for a refreshing summer sipper. The color of the mint and lime is beautiful and the flavor is delightful.
All of these places that are photographed are in the heart of downtown Napa. Head on downtown in your city and see what fantastic treasures you can find right at the end of your fingertips. I'd love to see what you stumble upon!

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