Saturday, June 8, 2013

DIY {Removable} Book Page Wallpaper and Removal Review

I love, love, love hearing from readers about the tutorials they have tried, seeing pictures of their projects, and getting their opinions on tutorials I have posted. A few months ago, I did a tutorial on DIY Removable wall paper using liquid cornstarch as the adhesive. This project is perfect for people living in rentals, dorm rooms or who change their style frequently (! To get the tutorial click here.
I got some e-mails with pictures from friends and readers who tried it and loved it. I wanted to share a couple. The picture above, is a wall done by my friend Jackie and I, in recipes, for a kitchen/dining area. Can you believe that's stairwell, base-housing?!? It looks so cool and swanky! This project works great with fabric, sheet music, recipes, book pages, letters, anything!
Below is my current and old rental home.

 The wall in the photo below was done by the talented Mrs. Gretchen Talley!

One of my favorite readers (who has become a friend) Cathy, had to remove her fabulous wallpaper, because they were being stationed elsewhere. She said it came right off! For the pieces that didn't  tear right off, she simply used a wet rag and scrubbed it off without any damage to the wall. 

So my friends, wallpaper away! If you want to do this project using fabric, I recommend washing the fabric first so the dye in the fabric doesn't bleed all over the wall when it gets wet with the adhesive. 
I am off to work on some more DIY projects! What are you working on this Sunny Saturday? I am dying to know.


  1. I like the look of book pages wallpaper but the actual idea/practice of ripping up books, even old and dusty ones is just too painful for me to even consider! But its good to know an easy way to remove wallpaper!


  2. Great post, Molly. I can attest to the fact that how wallpaper is applied makes a BIG difference when you are trying to take it down later. The dents and holes left in the walls are no fun to try and repair!

  3. I applied the pages using a spray adhesive, and didn't find your post about cornstarch until after the project!! I hope the adhesive is as easy to remove. I do like your effect, especially the yellow! Awesome POP of color. Check out my before and after pics for my living room wall here:

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  5. Love this idea. Would cornstarch attract bugs, though? I think I saw liquid starch at Home Depot, oddly enough. I thought I too might be opposed to tearing up books, but when I think about it, the idea of a book is more important than its corporeal form. So books existing only as ebooks aren't any less important than a physical book. Or, if I tear out the pages of my hardcover that I wrote and put them on the wall, is that any worse than me printing out the pages and wallpapering the walls? It's a philosophical question for the ages, I tell you!

    1. Haha yes! I feel people get to enjoy the book more on the wall than stored away on a dusty shelf.. I live in a land where there are tons of bugs in the summer and no air conditioning.. With the windows open, I have never had a problem with bugs. Now, I think liquid starch does the same thing! Good luck to you! Let me know how it turns out! xo

  6. hello, did the paper leave a yellow stain on the wall as papers turn yellow over time?


  7. Hi Molly! You have a very lovely home. You can actually pull off having book pages as wallpaper. That's another idea for you though. It pains me a bit since I do love reading. Haha! Anyway, you were able to save up money and time by doing your home renovations personally. I do love your blog, as it's helpful for people who might want to redecorate or do over their homes. Please post some more! Thanks!

    Cecilia Hammond @ ProActiveResidentialGa

  8. I am so excited, this is exactly what I was looking for! I wasn't sure if someone has already asked this, but once you remove the pages, do you think you can re-use the pages themselves somewhere else? Thanks!

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