Sunday, July 7, 2013

{DIY} Coral Red Chandy Make-Over

I have been having SO much fun decorating the colorful and eclectic home that I have been sharing little pieces of! The fabulous people renting this home wanted to keep the yellow on the walls and the beautiful grey drapes they had just purchased before I came and got involved. They also LOVE bright colors, especially primary colors, and wanted bright, bold colors in their home. This home is definitely a stimulating, warm and fun environment that feels sunny on even the greyest of days. 

Here is a reminder of a few areas of the home that I have showed you! 

Since the dining and living room area are connected, we had to have an equally fun light fixture in the living room as the oyster basket chandelier in the dining room and kitchen. We found a faux crystal (aka plastic) chandelier and decided to schnazz it up a bit with a stunning coral red. The color compliments the red shutters and giant, vintage, school map that they have behind their t.v.  I found the shutters and map at European Vintage Chic. You can see my epic map and get the information on that shop here. Boy, I am so obsessed with these enormous maps... the one in this home shows where the Berlin wall was. 

Now friends,  I have been known to paint an ugly faux chandelier in my time.., I just love the look of them painted! I actually love the look of most anything painted, Paint can just give pieces so much character and can completely make almost ANYTHING better.  If only we could paint some peoples' personalities...
As long as the bones of an item are great (and it's not real crystal) paint away! It's a funky modern twist on a traditional form.
Here is the white chandelier I painted in our bedroom (that I haven't shown ya'll yet). Please pardon my cruddy Instagram shot below...

And here is the bold yellow chandelier from our completely recycled hall.

The picture below is a good depiction of what the faux chandeliers look like before they are made over...

Here is the old light and area of the room before we made our changes. 

Here it is in the progress of painting it red... 

On any old or faux chandelier, I recommend painting the silver or dirty yellow candlesticks white to freshen them up... you guys, it really makes a HUGE difference in appearance and also makes the piece look more authentic.
Oh snap... I just rhymed.
We wrapped the chord in rope like we did on the oyster basket light fixture to tie the two pieces together. To see how to do that, click here.  I shall be doing this on my barn chandeliers as well. 

 We LOVE how the red chandy turned out, it sure makes a bold statement! I am so excited to show you the other areas of this home soon! By the way the wine crates and ladder in the picture below are also from European Vintage Chic! What have you recently made over with paint??


  1. cute idea!!
    i want to make this..

    1. Thank you! You should, It is the easiest thing ever!!

  2. You certainly brought that chandelier into the 21st century:) Fun idea, I love the oyster basket re-do, too. Who wants to live in a cookie cutter matchy, matchy home? Not me :)
    Have a lovely week, Connie :)

    1. Thank you so much Connie! That is so sweet of you!! I am not into match-matchy either! Have a lovely day!

  3. Great stuff!! I love the details with color that you play with!!!

    1. Thank you so much Michael! That is so sweet! i really love having fun with color! I hope you have a great day!


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