Saturday, March 17, 2012

From Piano Bench to Night Stands

Heya heya! I hope everyone is enjoying their St. Patrick's day! We soaking up our last week in the states and are getting so thrilled to finally follow our dream of living in Europe! We are sad to leave, but so thrilled to embark on this new adventure!
I recently noticed that my blog required word verification for comments which, is a total pain in the boo-tay! Sorry bout' that folks....I had no idea it required that. That is now shut off and you don't have to be a member of blogger to leave a comment now either. Easy Peasy!
Anyhoo, I had a few people e-mail me asking what exactly my nightstands were in the picture of my bedroom from the silhouette tutorial post. Well you see, our beloved fruit-crate nightstands didn't go with our room anymore and we needed new ones. Because I am constantly changing things, we can't afford to just go purchase new furniture every time I get obsessed with switching something up....that would be fabulous but completely ridiculous. It's so much more satisfying getting creative with the crap you already have anyway. I needed something that was free and easy to transform. In desperate situations like this, it's time to think people!
I had this old brown piano bench that was not only just sitting around looking ugly but was also wasting space and collecting dust, so we chopped it in half. If you hate sanding like I do (for some reason it makes me shiver and I end up clenching my teeth), paint your item with polycoat by Kelly Moore. Supposedly (the man at my local Kelly Moore store says...) you don't need to sand your piece if you use this. I guess I will  find out if it's true over time! We then painted each piece with pearl spray paint left over from our t.v. stand make over. To make it last longer you are going to want to top that with a coat or two of polyurethane.
The best part about using a piano bench is the seat lifts up for extra storage. We grabbed L shaped brackets, mounted them to each piece, and screwed them to the wall. 
The Picture above is shot from underneath the bench where it was mounted to the wall
TA DA! Completely free (minus the $2 L brackets) nightstands.
I wish I could have hung a ridiculous crystal chandelier over our bed, but this apartment was just a short term rental.
Now, the nightstands go with our T.V. Stand!
What other things could one use as a night stand or side table? We used a suitcase on a vintage luggage stand as one in my clients home and I just love it! 
I may be without our things and a home for a few months while in transit but I still have some tutorials up my sleeve for you!
Stay tuned!

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